Vocational Training Centers in Delhi - NCR

Vocational Training Centers (Enrolled Students)

Name of CenterComputer CoursesEnglish SpeakingSewing ClassesBeautician TrainingAdult Education
Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Mohyal Colony, Jharsa Village, Gurgaon242516
Shiksha Education Centre, Mohyal colony, Jharsa Village, Gurgaon1210
Shiksha Education Centre, Wazirabad Village, Gurgaon6
Kalikdhar Gurudwara, B-Block, Sangam Vihar, Delhi18
Rakhi Market, Zakhira, Delhi15
Ladies from Sangam Vihar K Block Vocational Training Center

Ladies from Sangam Vihar K Block Vocational Training Center

Anju Sharma, Former SHIKSHA Student


Anju had been living in meager accommodation with her four member family in Sangam Vihar for the last 10 years. Her husband works as a driver in private company, but even on his salary they found it difficult to provide for themselves and their two children. Although she had passed Class X, she did not have access to gainful self employment or skilled wage employment.

Story of Change
Anju had previously wanted to supplement her family income but did not have any clear path to pursue her goal given the responsibilities of caring for her two children. Through her neighbor she heard about Shiksha's Vocational Training Center located at Kalikdhar Gurdwar in B-Block of Sangam Vihar. Since it was in her locality and had convenient timings to attend the classes she decided to enroll in a tailoring course. After six months she successfully completed her coursework andith the guidance of her instructor she was then motivated to start a small shop in her house, and now many residents of the community come to her for their tailoring needs.

With access to gainful self employment Anju can now contribute to her families sustainable livelihood. We will continue to be in touch with Anju and hope to see the graduates from the next Tailoring Course show similar enthusiasm and motivation to gain skills that will provide their families with access to additional income.