Key Achievements for 2016-17

A�-A�Certified by Credibility Alliance in 2017 for 'Basic Norms for Good Governance of Voluntary Organisations'

-1,070 students enrolled at 3 Shiksha Education Centres; parental income of all students is below Rs. 10,000/- per month.

- 89% are children of migrants from across India; 41% are girls and 59% are boys.

- 37 teachers work at our Three Education Centres; 28 teachers are salaried and 9 are volunteers.

- 39% fresh enrolment alongside a 9% dropout rate and 111 students (10%) being mainstreamed into other schools in 2016-17. Overwhelming number of dropouts are nursery level students whose migrant labour families do not return to Gurguram after summer vacations

- 9 of our students received the DLF-Raghuvendra Scholarship to complete their education at reputed private schools

- 3 'General OP Malhotra' Scholars soon complete their education at reputed private schools. 164A�youth completed Shiksha Vocational Training Courses in Sangam Vihar and Zakhira Slum in Delhi and at Jharsa Village in Gurugram.