Legal Status Charitable Trust
Registration No. 9285
Date of Registration 31-10-2002 , New Delhi
Income Tax Exemption U/S -80(G) DIT(E)/2011- 2012/S-2467/5101 dated 05/12/2011
FCRA Registration No. 231661494
PAN Number AADTS9271N
Income Tax Exemption U/S -12(A) DIT (E)2002-03/S-3467/03/471 dated 28/07/03
Operational Area Delhi-NCR
Area/Sector of Activities Education, Vocational Training


12A Registration
80G Registration
FCRA Registration
PAN Card
Original Trust Deed (31/10/2002)
Supplementary Trust Deed (15/06/2010)
Supplementary Trust Deed (17/08/2017)